Best White shoes for men under 1000 rupees

Best White shoes for men under 1000 rupees

I think you are still in confusion whether you should buy a white shoe or not? And if you have decided, then which one?

We can understand the problem. You don’t want to invest a lot more in your shoe and want to get a solution that will fit all the essential clothes.

Yes, you are in the right place where we will give the solution. White is an evergreen color and fashion for men that are never gonna be old. The fascinating part is white shoes are the easiest to pair, and you will look sharp. Every man should have a white shoe in his wardrobe.

You might think full white shoes usually come from big brands that cost higher. But after a long search, we have found some alternatives. So, here we are with white shoes for men under 1000 rupees.

It is a classic white low-top sneaker, people used to wear this type of shoe in sports matches. Now the lace-up white shoe is an attractive fashion for men. Any man with this type of pair looks a bit more handsome.

The even heel of 2 centimeters gives you the comfort that you need and stability in your appearance. By look, it can beat any competitor. It is a build-up of synthetic material. It will feel like a feather on your feet as it is just 300 grams.

It’s one of the highly-rated white shoes for men under 1000 on amazon.

 Even if you are finding another one-colored shoe instead of white, SPORSTAR gives you an option like red, navy blue, and black. I would suggest going with navy blue because it’s also going to match with almost all cloth like white.

Key Features

Lotto is a sports shoe brand that has established themselves with their premium quality shoes. They come with user-friendly casual sneakers with a sporty touch. The grips of the shoe are made for travel running.

The shoe is a full white low top. Stylists recommend that if you don’t have any white shoes in your wardrobe, then first go for low-top white shoes because low-top sneakers are matched with almost all kinds of situations as semi-formal and casual.

 In the upper sole portion, the shoe is crafted with a yellow brand logo that complements your yellow shirt. You should try a yellow shirt with this pair. The sole is synthetic and very comfortable. Even after a whole day of wearing it will not give you pain.

Key Features-

These days doing exercise should be a part of our life and jogging, running is the most effective way of doing it. Running shoes that are in white-color, I know it’s a dynamic choice. It is a high-top shoe that also elevates your height.

The best way to utilize your look with this canvas high-top shoe is to pair it with navy blue overcoats and cut pants. Avoid wearing wrinkle pants with this kind of shoes.

It’s a running shoe so padding is an important part and it’s superior at it with heavy padding in the ankle and front area. Made up of canvas material with high breathability. Even if you are a regular jogger you can easily clean your shoes with our given hacks below.

Key Features-

Another running shoe in the white combo. Some people like to have a white shoe pairing with other colors so Lancer shoes are available in two pairing colors, white-navy blue, and white-black. The shoe is the perfect balance of the classic and modern design.


This is a slip-on shoe for which many people look forward. The sole material is EVA, which is considered to be the best material for any durable shoe. You are doing gym or jogging. This shoe will last for a long time.


It is recommended to follow some instructions with this shoe that will keep it as a new one. You should leave it at room temperature for allowing air. Overexposure to the sun could cause it to dry or break, so use shoe bags also.

Key Features-

It is a little unusual kind of sneaker. It has a unique canvas look. This a slip-on plain shoe with embedded elastic towards the ankle. You might not think of pairing a low-top or tracer shoe with a kurta or shoot. But this shoe will complement your kurta look.


It’s a running shoe also so after using it in any formal situations and party you can put your feet in it for jogging. The fitting of the shoe is impressive according to the users. It will elevate your look at family parties for sure.


The shoe is made with mesh material. It has soft memory foam that makes it super comfortable. Long pants and a dark shirt would give you a nice look.

Key Features-

The Bacca Bucci Men’s Sneaker is a potentially designed shoe, every aspect of this shoe has power in essentiality. This has been designed with well craftsmanship credibility. It has a sporty look with solid-color designs which adds power to your look.

The color arrangement and piercing are very stylish for all occasions. It complements any youth’s character. The shoe is designed with light-weight materials like PU and a microfiber inner sole. Some shoe’s after using it get folded in flexible areas but this shoe is wear-resistant and fold-resistant.

The closure type of the shoe is lace-up. For a sports person, the shoe will be not a style-statement but also it has a shocking capacity for your legs. It also gives extra support to your legs in the toe and ankle regions. For any trainers, it’s a wrothful choice.

Key Features-

All youths want their outfits in a stylish, elegant look, easy to use and more importantly they want comfort. Raaz is India’s one of the first choices of youths for fashion and accessories products. They made all types of the shoe in respect of fashion, style, and comfort.


This white color lace-up shoe is available in four colors of laces, among them you can choose your favorite one. All of them are looking extremely classy. The canvas shoe is made with a premium quality upper sole.


The shape is classy but to maintain it you also have to follow some instructions like wear it on alternative days, keep it in an airy space for breath and retain its shape. The hardy components like EVA are the lower sole of the shoe that makes it stronger and abrasion-resistant.

Key Features-

It’s another Bacca Bucci Men’s Sneaker in the list of white shoes for men under 1000 rupees. It has almost similar features to the above-mentioned Bacca Bucci shoe. In this Sneaker the piercing and lining are done with only white materials.

A fully white low-top sneaker that also gives you a sporty look is a useful choice. Suppose you would like to play tennis on your holidays, with white sporty shoes how cool you will look. The anti-toe collision and high-quality material 

 If you are a stylish person who cares about how influential he is looking, you must have this type one shoe in your wardrobe. Because it is stylish and durable, you can use it for your health purpose.

Key Features-

Cloths, accessories, shoes, and pieces of jewelry people buy and wear as per their taste. So what you are wearing symbolizes your personality. ASIAN understand that feeling very well so they designed their all type of shoe in respect of design and quality.

Versatility is very important, so they have designed a white shoe with a navy-blue border with running shoe features. You will be amazed by the quality and comfort. This is a low-top, lace-up shoe you can wear with all types of shirts and t-shirt.

 The shoe costs under 500, at this range the features and smart look you are getting could be a valid reason for buying this. It is available in black and red alternative also.

Key Features-

If you have found a shoe that is fulfilling all the essential and ornamental needs of yours, what else could make you happier? The symbol is designed and made up with the perspective of a user. That is why they have emphasized more on the fit-size.

It is a harsh truth that while finding the perfect pair you face the most difficulty in the fitting. Symbol publish their shoes after so many trials of the fitting.

This is a white-colored lace-up shoe, sharp in looking. If you are a colorful person and don’t like pure white you would like it because of the black border and orange stripe at the back.

 You can pair this with shorts, track shoots, and joggers, and lastly, whenever you will pair this with denim jeans you will kill the girls.

Key Features-

How to keep your white shoe clean?


Prevention is better than cure-


Rather than cleaning your white shoes after having so much dirt on them, keeping them clean is the safest option. If the shoes are not clean or have stains then, it could backfire on your appearance. So, keep it bright as it’s necessary.


 After every time of use, softly rub with a wet cotton cloth or you could give a water repellent treatment to it. At least you can clean the dry dust and mildew with a tiny brush.


Hacks of cleaning the dirty shoe –


  • If you have a leather white shoe then you take a small piece of cloth. Dip it in water and squeeze the water. Rub all the dirty areas gently with the cloth. Don’t forget to rub a banana peel for the shine. You will be amazed by the shine back.


  • For canvas shoes, pour water in a pot mix 1 spoon of baking soda and a spoon of vinegar with the water. Keep your shoe in the mixed water for 10 minutes then dry your shoes in sunlight and leave it for air-dry.


  • You have a grippy shoe and facing a problem cleaning the boxes use a Magic eraser, it will work like magic. This a small cube of foam. It can remove the stains and dirt.

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