Top 10 Fastrack Sunglasses under 1000 rupees

Top 10 Fastrack Sunglasses under 1000 rupees

Nowadays, Sunglasses are used as a sun protector for the eyes and as an important fashion accessory. However, the usage of sunglasses is subtle and long-lived. They have a varied role to play when they sit on your nose.

Choosing a single brand for your sunglasses that is too under budget is a headache for youths. That’s why we are here with a reliable and India’s favorite youth brand FastTrack. We have mentioned Fastrack Sunglasses under 1000.

For youngsters, it’s a little tricky to go for a big brand but FastTrack is designed for them and has set their values for them. If you are a first-time buyer of sunglasses then I would recommend FastTrack would be a handy choice.

This Fastrack sunglass especially ideal for men are available in two catchy colors. They come in grey and black. It is a small-sized sunglass that suits any round or small face well. 

This combo is of style with comfort as the nose bridge is quite a width that will resist the glasses to give extra burden to your nose. It is only 20 Grams, very light-weight even for a whole day. 

The lens and frame are quite durable to use for a long-time. The lenses are 100 % UV protected so go with them in any exposed area. It delivers high visibility according to the users, you could go with it on a vacation. There you will enjoy all the scenery.



Who else doesn’t want to have stylish, bold, versatile goggles for them? I know you are also willing to have such a kind of sunglasses. It is an aviator, carries a classy look in it. It is a middle-sized, black-colored goggle, that’s a steady style statement.

Fastrack sunglasses under 1000 are real value for money products, it is one of them. You can pair this black glass with check shirts, your look will be enhanced. On a sunny day for casual use, it will give a good performance.

As protection is the primary purpose of sunglasses it also has 100 percent UV protection against sun rays. The lenses are light-weight, durable, made of polycarbonate. It’s a comfortable and stylish choice.



It is an oval-shaped spectacle from Fastrack. This full black-colored dashing goggle is very trendy in youngsters. It is a black lover’s choice as the temple is shiny black with matt finish black lenses.

For a long time wear flexibility is necessary because without that the tails will hurt your ears. In this, the tails are long and flexible for your comfort. It is highly recommended for round and cute faces. Think about it! It could be a pleasant surprise for your friend also.

It will protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and gives a clear vision against glare also. This design is innovative and creative that justice both style and comfort.




Wayfarer-shaped Sunglasses are a bit classier. The style statement has been carried from the time of evolution of sunglasses that belongs to tycoons and upper society, even by the time, it keeps that slight classical emotion in it.

The lenses and the frame as well are black-colored. As the first impression is the last so use it for professional purposes. You could use it for office purposes there it will enhance your personality.

Like all other Fastrack Sunglasses, it also provides quality protection to your eyes. The price seems to be value for money. Fastrack Sunglasses under 1000 like this is worth your money.



Whatever accessory you put on yourself should be comfortable. Without comfort, any stylish product could turn into a worst product. This square-shaped goggle is an example of that, you must purchase this type of product that provides real comfy.

The sunglass is built with light-weight components and the length of the temple is long which helps the glass to stay at its place. The flexible earpiece and extended nose bridge reduce the extra pressure so it is suitable for trekking, traveling.

It is a very bright-looking brown square sunglasses that could add glow to your face. The lenses are high quality that protects the harmful rays of UVA and UVB. A stylish, strong frame with a light-weight polycarbonate lens adds a dimension to your look.



For any youngster or young men as much as protection is needed they prefer that much style too. Due to many reasons like allergy sometimes, it’s recommended by doctors to put on glasses for the safety of your eyes.

In the above cases, Sunglasses are like your best friend outdoors and with Fastrack Sunglasses, you will be secure at every point. With these black-colored sunglasses, you don’t have to compromise with style.

The polycarbonate lenses are 100 percent UV protected and gives your eyes a soothing experience. Well, green color lenses are my personal favorite because this color suits most people, and one can wear this color in both formal and informal situations.



It is a high-quality top-notch sunglass at an affordable price. For driving, cycling, and racing, wearing sunglasses adds comfort to your eyes. You can wear these sunglasses even on long drives where you could comfortably drive.

The item weight is also light, just around 25 grams, which will not give pressure on your nose and ears also. The nose bridge is flat enough for your coziness.

The size map is middle-sized with long temples, it will be suitable for small to medium faces. Not recommended for big faces. The fitting of these goggles is excellent as per the users.




Everyone knows that for a sports person accessories like Sunglasses are very important. Fastrack UV protection Sports Men’s Sunglasses is a perfect pair for any sports personality.

The frame is made with a sturdy resin material and flexible and folded handles made this goggle very durable. If you are an athlete you can play fearlessly with this because the lenses are scratch-proof. The glasses are tinted, which allows you to see objects in a cooler and lighter tone than the naked eyes.

These sports sunglasses are going to enhance your sports spirit. Regular exposure to the field could cause your eyes glaucoma, cataracts, etc, but this glass has the capabilities to protect the harmful rays.




This brand is known as youths choice because in recent years Fastrack has grown very rapidly by producing all accessory products for youngsters like a belt, bag, sunglasses, watches, money bag, etc. This sunglass has a unique look that could make you different from others.

Brown color plastic lenses with a brown shiny frame is a smart choice. This will enhance your look at the beach and even mountain trekking.

This glass is travel-friendly because it is flexible. It bears a bit jollier, cool look so, worthy for informal situations.



This is an excellent-looking Sunglass both for men and women. You and your girlfriend can wear the same one. The lenses are brown colored with a shiny black frame. The oval shape suits give anybody a very decent cute look.

The lenses are polarized to prevent the glares of sun rays and you will have fun traveling in snow or desert with this type of polarized lens.

It comes with a packing bag, warranty card, and microfiber cloth.

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Key Features you should consider before buying a Sunglass-

Before buying any random Goggle think about it for a minute whether it satisfies all the necessities or not. There are some features you should have in your glasses because they are playing an important role in protecting your eyes.

Here are the key Features-

  1. 100 percent UV ray protection-

Your Sunglass must have the tag of 100 percent UV ray protection. Your first concern is to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.

  1. Lightweight-

Sunglasses should always be light-weight because when you put on them for a whole day, you don’t feel a burden is on your nose.

  1. Temple and nose bridge-

When you are using an accessory for a whole day, you can’t compromise with your comfort. Always put a glance at the flexibility of the temple and tails that are comfortable for your ears. 

The nose bridge is vital, always take a width lens bridge.

  1. Big and Polarized Lenses-

Doctors recommend big Sunglass lenses because it protects the whole eye area. The eye area is the most sensitive part of our body as much as the protection it’s getting is good.

The polarized lenses help you to see the objects as they reduce the effects of sun glare.

Reasons to go with FastTrack Sunglasses –

There are hundreds of sunglass brands that are active, among them, we have chosen this particular brand. We have selected this by considering a few things that you must know.

  • Fastrack was a sub-brand of Titan. It started manufacturing wristwatches by keeping its eyes on the needs of urban youths. Later they flourished in 2005 as an individual brand.

After this development, they bring all types of fashion accessories for teenagers and                        become a favourite choice for them. This brand has spent a lot of time making their designs special to boost youths’ fashion sense.

  • It maintains almost all essential features in a sunglass like UV protection, Polarized lenses, high-quality and lightweight frame material, gradient, etc.
  • This Indian brand is trustworthy and, it has been a fast-growing company in recent years because of the quality product. In the end, the quality of any product matters most.
  • Fastrack showrooms are available in any metropolitan city.

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