Puma Men’s persist XT vs emergence running shoe which one is better for jogging?

Puma Men's persist XT vs emergence running shoe which one is better for jogging

It is really hard to choose the best shoe among them for jogging. Puma has made them amazingly best for sports and outdoor activities.

I am here with you to help you choose the best shoe between them for jogging and running shoes in general.

I have Compared them on various bases and I can say that Puma Men’s Persist Xt Knit Running Shoe is better than Puma Men’s Emergence Running Shoes in various aspects.

Be it comfortability or style Persist XT is better than emergence running shoe.

Here are the some points why I ranked Puma Persist XT above Emergence Running shoe.

  1. Puma Persists XT is comfortable for a very long period of time but Emergence running shoe starts feeling a bit uncomfortable after some time.
  2. The Body of the emergence running shoe is less airy which is not a good thing for a shoe that you wanted to choose for jogging and running.
  3. Design: I loved the design of Persist XT especially that white one.

Even after that if you go with emergence running shoe then it will not be a big issue.

Thanks for reading! Comment down your favourite one down below.

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