Best Trimmer Under 1000 Rupees for Men (2020)

Besy trimmers for men under 1000

Here we will see some of the men’s beard trimmer under 1000 rupees in India. We have compared a list of best trimmers from Amazon India. We have sorted some of the best for you. We have compared them on various factors and only after that we have reviewed them unbiasedly.

We use to update this list every now and then to match with the best trimmer in the market under your budgets.

1. Syska HT750 Ultra Trim

Syska HT750 Ultra Trimmer for men

Syska is a famous Indian manufacturer of Electric Appliances. Syska has recently (Not recently at all, in October 2019) launched its own men’s beard trimmer. This beard trimmer is getting an amazing response from Indian customers.

I have ranked this trimmer the best in the budget of 1000 rupees because of the following reasons.

Build Quality and Design: This trimmer has a beautiful colour combination of red and black. This colour combination of red and black gives it an amazing look.

It has a handy and comfortable ergonomic design. The body is made up of high-grade plastic which makes it lightweight while raising its durability. The blades are made up of stainless steel and their design makes them easy to clean.

This beard trimmer has 20 different length precision settings which make them useable with any type of beard style you want. This trimmer has self sharp blade technology which sharps the stainless steel blade after every use.

Source of Power: This Syska beard trimmer is a rechargeable trimmer with a lithium-ion battery. The battery lasts for about 40-50 minutes of continuous use after it is fully charged. It takes 8 hours to fully charge when the battery is low. 

Trimming experience: It gives you a smooth trimming experience. With 45 minutes of battery backup, you can style your beard and moustache in the way you want. The trimming experience was good and much better than any other trimmer in this price range.

Although it gets heated up after long use, this happens with all the trimmers in this range. According to me this Syska trimmer is the best beard trimmer and it is far better than any other Philips trimmer in this price range.

Pros and Cons

2. Philips BT1210


Philips is the most selling beard trimmer brand in India. They have made high-quality trimmers which are loved by Indians. Actually the main reason of the brand popularity is their other products.

So their brand authority in the Indian market is the main reason why their trimmers are highly selling. Anyways this Philips beard trimmer is a worthy trimmer under the price range of 1000 rupees.

Build Quality and Design: The build quality of this Philips trimmer is good. It has a classic body design and black colour. The body and the button have special gripping to get a perfect trim.

The blade of the trimmer is made up of stainless steel which gives it high durability. You will also get plastic two plastic combs to style your beard in different styles. The blade has rounds tips in order to reduce the chances of scratching and irritation.

Source of Power: This trimmer is a rechargeable trimmer which supports USB charging. Although you won’t get any Charger with this trimmer, you have to use your own mobile phone charger to charge this.

It takes about 8 hours of charging when the battery is fully exhausted and after that, it gives you power backup of 30 minutes. This power backup is average, this could be better. Although many people do say that it even gives less than 20 minutes of trimming time.

So, I recommend you to use Syska trimmer that I mentioned above.

Trimming Experience: It gave a good trimming experience, it was working fine and unlike Syska trimmers it did not get heated up. It is also easy to clean, but it is not waterproof. Even there is no waterproof trimmer is available in the market under this price range.

If you can increase your budget a little over 1000 then you can get Xiaomi trimmer which is much better than these trimmers. That Xiaomi trimmer is waterproof too and Easy to clean.

Pros and Cons

3. Kemei KM-809A Electric

Kemei KM-809A Professional Rechargeable Cum Electric Hair Trimmer

This Kemei trimmer has been ranked number 3 in this list. It has a beautiful body design and it is made for heavy-duty trimming. It is a cordless trimmer and you can also use it to trim and style hair also.

Build Quality and Design: This Kemei trimmer has a beautiful white colour while the colour of the button and branding is black. This containing colour combination gives it a beautiful look. Its design is handy and comfortable to hold. The blades have additional rubber lining to give them better durability by protecting it from rust.

Since it is made for heavy-duty so it gets heated up after prolonged use. To prevent it from getting hotter, give this trimmer a gap of 5 minutes before using it for a long duration of time.

It also comes with four combs which make it easier to style and trim. You will also get a cleaning brush as well as cleaning oil to clean the blades after use.

Source of Power and Battery Backup: This is a rechargeable trimmer with amazing battery backup. You can easily trim and style 2-3 times after a single charge of 8 hours.

You can charge this trimmer with normal USB mobile charger or even through your PC. This trimmer gives you an amazing battery backup of 2000mAh which is a way batter than other trimmers under 1000 rupees.

Trimming experience: This trimmer is designed to give you an Amazing trimming experience. As it has a better battery backup, it gives you about 2-3 trims so making it more efficient.

The one thing that I have a problem with, is it get heated after prolonged use. But this is not a very big issue as this happens with most of the trimmers. You can give it a gap of 5-6 minutes to let it cool before another round.

In order to see more or purchase this trimmer click on the button given below.

Pros and Cons


There are too many trimmer brands are present in the market and choosing the best of them is not that easy. While choosing the best trimmer under 1000 you should be aware of some factors. These are its battery backup, recharging duration, durability, grip and its trimming experience.

Here we have compared these factors throughly and ranked them for you. So, you could choose the best for you.

Hope you liked out comparison! Let me know which one you liked the most among them in the comment section. If you have any other better idea then you are welcome to suggest that to us. Have a nice day! 🙂

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