Best Unisex Sunglasses under 500 rupees

Top-rated Sunglasses under 500 rupees!

Sunglasses are not just an accessory but an indispensable part of our outfit. Sunglasses not only add a plus point to our outfit but also provides safety from harmful UV rays.

Did you know that you can own sunglasses as low as 500. Yes, there are many Good Quality Sunglasses on amazon that you can own today at just 500 rupees. 

If you are a little reluctant to choose these, don’t worry we got your back. All these sunglasses are reviewed by Review to Shop so you can trust the quality review that you get here. At this price point you don’t need to search the best one for you, just choose one of them. So, without wasting your time, let’s begin our list of top-rated sunglasses on Amazon.

This is our Top-Rated choice for Best Sunglasses under 500 rupees for men. This sunglass comes rectangular shaped lenses with the frame being metallic. Also, it looks similar to my glasses except that one metallic stick on the top.

Anyway, this sunglass in available in various shades like black, Brown, Clear, Skyblue, Smoky and a couple of more shades. You will also be getting a lot of frame color options like Sliver, Golden, Black & Even rose gold. Pretty premium Huh! 😎

I have used this one for 2 months constantly, I didn’t get any wear or tear or any problem with the size. You can definitely go with this one, there is no need to think twice.



The next sunglasses in our list is this, Allu Arjun Inspired Sunglasses by Elegante. This one is unisex, means you and your girl, both can wear this. BTW what type of cool combo will it be?

Anyway, this sunglasses comes with Golden frame and different shades like Black, Blue, Brown and Clear. According to me, the every combo looks good until blue. I mean it doesn’t feel good with golden frame.

I don’t know what they thought while making such a combo? Also, if you have a small face, it might not be the best match for you. You can see the image below to imagine how people with small face look when they are wearing big sunglasses. No hard Feelings BTW.

Cute dog with big sunglasses image on Review to shop website



The best thing about this sunglass is its polarization. You will love the quality of polarization it does. It is not excessive and not wear, it is just perfect. The sturdiness of the frame gives it an extra edge on durability.

This sunglass is available in various shades options like brown, clear and black. There is one combo of both black and clear glasses, I didn’t like that.

I bought the black one, and It was really light weight and felt sturdy while holding. Also I liked the clarity pretty much.



Oval Sunglasses are evergreen, these looks stunning with every face type. Here is one such in this list at a reasonable price of 500 rupees only.

The frame is metallic and thus durable, the lens material is acrylic plastic and is lighter than glass.

Frames are available in two different color variations namely Gold and Silver. While the lenses are available in 21 different shades. 

Although I didn’t like the polarity of these glasses. Even though the company claims excellent polarity, it didn’t feel any good to me. But that’s what you’ll get in 500 from Amazon.



So, these were all the best Sunglasses I could Find on Amazon at this price range of INR 500. I have reviewed these sunglasses based on the user experience.

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