Best Sports Shoes for men under 1000

Best Sports Shoes for men under 1000

In our day-to-day life, we remain so busy with all the other stuff that we forget to take care of the most precious thing is our health. We know from your busy schedule it’s hard to bring time for a proper gym workout. But one thing that everyone definitely can do is running. Running is the easiest and helpful way of exercise for our body.

Many people have this misconception that they can run or take a morning walk with their normal sneakers. But wait this is wrong. Running with the wrong pair of shoes can give your joints extra stress, heel pain and these problems will let you away from your health goal.So, having the right pair under budget is crucial for healthy growth. Here you will find the best sports shoes for men under 1000.

You might think buying a sports shoe is an expensive expenditure but not in all cases. It is subtle to spend some amount of money rather than picking a cheaper one. Sparx presents one of the Best sports shoes for men under 1000.

The brand gives you an elegant smart look for every product irrespective of the category. So, with this shoe also you don’t need to think much. It comes with a unique case design and four trendy colors. Even with online shopping, you won’t face any issue with fitting by the proper guidance of the size-chart. So, do check the size chart before placing your order.

You will be satisfied with your running and work out with this product. It has soft extra cushioning and a soft sole, rubber made. The upper sole is of synthetic fabric with breathing holes, it has superb breathability.

You will not be irritated by the closure type procedure as it has updated the Lace-up closure type. So, light-weight gives freedom to run at speed. This is our top choice because it has all things like flexibility, stability.   



Bourge has their different premium shoe options for different sports and fitness workouts. Bourge Men’s Loire-z190 Running Shoes is one of the premium quality shoes. It has three vibrant color options, and every pair has two colors that remain interwoven.

The key feature is the versatility of the product that though it is a sports shoe you can use it for many purposes. It is a perfect pair for jogging, walking, running and other sports as well. The sturdy sole provides durability to the shoe. If you often play tennis or cricket-like in a week two times you can go for this option.

Overall it is light and the elastic collar gives it a unique look also. Cushioning is provided on the inner soles but not at the ankle area. If you don’t use socks you can get a shoe bite.



It’s a lubricating, eye-catchy product. It comes at such a price that everyone wants to catch it. This is a product that most fitness-conscious people aspire to have because it contains all the premium features. The product is designed to be comfortable with great cushioning, with the stability of the sole. By having this pair the natural movement of your foot will not compromise.

EVA is the best material for any shoe sole. It gives a very healthier environment to your foot that keeps your feet cooler. If you choose your shoe according to the size-chart the pair will be a perfect fit. The shoe is of rounded-toe, with synthetic material in the upper.    

The shoe is a very affordable choice for youngsters and it is crafted with synthetic material with a magnificent cut-out. This matches with everything you wear in your daily life that enhances your look even in gym time also.



If you are bored with the orthodox style of sports shoes this will add a new addition to your collection. The shoe is with a unique look available in some cute and black colors with a white base. The lower sole is of rubber with a comfortable cushion-bed that you will be very comfortable in jumping, running, and on the treadmill.

The special thing about the product that I like is the mesh upper sole gives breathability and you can put your legs in without the socks.

For long-lasting use, it is recommended to keep the shoes in the air for one-two days and don’t use polish. This process is mandatory for keeping the good shape of the shoe.



The best part of this brand is, it has given particular attention to the sports, running shoe categories. This is the reason when people think about buying a shoe for fitness they want to go with this brand.
This is the second product of Bourge on our list. Bourge has applied new technology in their shoes and brings innovation for a better experience for the users. The sole is of EVA, sturdy material with cushioning in the ankles and corners.
This is the best product for park jogging, while keeping yourself healthy you can impress your jogging buddies with the elegant style. The closure type is lace-up. Here you have the option for men’s favourite colour Navy-blue with a cut-out design.



Comfort is something that anybody can not compromise with any outfit. Mostly gym trainers suggest keeping a premium quality pair for your workout and that makes it essential to have a cozy one for your health. This pair will not disappoint you in this matter, you should check out this on Amazon.
This product justices its price so we have included this one in Best sports shoes for men under 1000.

The closure type is a slip-on that takes less effort. EVA sole and synthetic material on the upper surface of the shoe. The Air Mix materials give strength to it. You can use it as day-wear and obviously can do any type of workout, especially for legs.

It has been designed in such a manner with the logo icons on the sides and back part you can snug your legs in this for any party or celebration also. You also can choose your favorite color of yours as there are many colors such as Black, Grey, Brown, and Navy Blue, etc.



This is another product from Sparx, a favorite brand for youths. It is the most favorite choice for them. It provides stability with a flexible look, people who dare to try new brands can rely on this brand. Once it suits you, you are not going to look at another one.
This product is built with supreme quality Thermoplastic rubber that gives high grip quality and durability. Many people do experiments with the workouts and try new ones often they can check this out. Because its built quality is for flexibility thus try new sports and no fear of slipping with this pair because of the anti-grip sole.
Great cushioning makes it more comfortable. It adds a new version in yourself by giving the elegant, versatile grand look.



If your budget is less than you can go for this one. This product is available on Amazon at a very cheap price but the product has premium built quality. The availability is in this series as there are various size options and color options for the youngsters to adult men.

The sole material is EVA and the upper sole is made with mesh. Even apart from using for sports purposes, you can use it for your daily life as casual use.

It can be long-lasting, if you just use it for little jogging, walking. It is a little-weight also you can put this for every common use.



Things you should consider for a sports shoe before placing your order-

  • Fit-size- As we know a perfect pair of sports shoes adds ease to your work out but if you pick the wrong size that can cause immense problems. If you wear a loose sports shoe then there will be a pain in your nails and heels. It will take extra stress and for bigger shoes also you will suffer. So always emphasize the size and your fitting.
  • Clarity of Purpose – There are thousands of sports and workouts. So before just buying a random one consider which purpose you are taking those. For everyday morning walks or overall use or for special workouts that you do the need will be different. According to your posture of feet during the exercise, pick the right pair.
  • Shoe Material and SoleIn sport’s shoes, the most important thing is the material and sole because how the sole gives you stability and support while remaining at speed is important. It’s also important to stretch the sole while doing some tough workouts.


  • Light-weight– whatever it is your shoe should not be heavy weight. If you feel a burden on your feet it will be an obstacle for your work out and running.

Why should you buy a sports shoe?

The functionality of sports shoes and normal walking shoes are way more different than we think.

There are some valid reasons you must keep your eyes on those. After considering them you should buy a sports shoe before starting your workout. Needless to say, only a perfect pair will give you the flexibility and stability which you need for exercise.

The top reasons why one should have Sports shoe-

  • Saves you from injury –


Walking and running or playing tennis, cricket is two different things. While doing any kind of physical exercise your feet face various postures, that’s why ankle injury, Muscle pain is the common problem. By using proper shoes we can resist these problems because sports shoes give our legs proper balance.


  • Fix Motion-


While running on a treadmill, road, or at the time of playing tennis your foot roll inward and outward too much. For this excessive roll of the foot, bunions, shin splints, knee pain, etc, could be a common problem. By using sports shoes you can get rid of those because your shoe will control the motion.


  1. Cushioning and protection of arches –


 In sport’s shoes, there is extra cushioning than the normal sneakers at the heel, toe, and corner areas. This cushioning is to protect your heels when you jump in a high-speed run.


The pronation (collapsing of the arch) differs depending upon the shape of the feet. For flat feet, the pronation level is very high. In the case if you have flat feet, go with the sports shoe that gives extra support to your arches.

  • Gives you extra energy-


According to the research of scientists and health organization’s when one uses sports shoes they can do the task more effortlessly. While using normal shoes your limbs and muscles take extra energy and stress for going forward. If you are a person who often goes for several sports or has a tight schedule then the shoes can help you to save some energy.

  1. The extra comfort-zone-

Sports shoes are usually designed by keeping the eyes on every aspect of comfort for the consumer. They are designed in a way that will give you extra comfort and absorb the stress that your limbs and knees carry. The padding is a bit different than other shoes. The heel remains normally flat.

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