Best and Amazing Shoe Hacks 2020

Everyone wants to wear shoes like a pro and keep shoes new forever so, we have brought this post to you. In this post, we will see some of the best shoes hacks that you have never done. There are many problems that we face with our sneakers these hacks may help you yo get rid of some of them. So, without wasting your time let’s begin our article.

1. Using a banana peel to clean your leather shoe.

There are many people who use to keep their boots in pristine condition since ages by cleaning their leather boots with a banana peel. You may try this hack to keep your leather shoes and boots new by rubbing them with a banana peel. Shoes look stunning after this hack try it.

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2. Clever ways to store your shoes

Shoes especially boots may take a large space in the closet. I am going to give you some of the ways to store your shoes.

Over the door organizer for storing shoes. One of the best shoe hack
Shore storing over the door organizer
  • Store boots on a tray underneath your furniture You can also store your long boots under furniture like beds, table, etc. This is the best use of empty space.
  • Arrange them in alternating directions. You can store them in alternating ( forward & backward ) directions. This takes up less space in comparison to the traditional method.
  • Over the door organizer, You can arrange your shoe in over the door organizer. These hanging organizer will turn any door into storage for your shoes.

3. Slippery shoes

Many times you must have faced this problem. Whenever you purchase a new shoe that looks good without seeing whether it is slippery. You can increase the grip by these methods:

Shoe hacks for slippery shoes: Applying sandpaper

You can increase the grip of your new shoe a bit by applying sandpaper. This method works well with most of the shoes.

Shoe hacks for slippery shoes: Applying Hot glue

If the above-mentioned method didn’t work well with your shoe especially with heels then you may try this one. Apply some hot glue on the base of your heal in two rows as in the picture below. This method significantly increases the grip of your shoe over the slippery surface.

4. Squealing shoes

That sound of squealing shoe may make you feel odd. This noise that you can hear from miles away (metaphorically) although it will not. There is a very simple hack for this. Just take a bit of baby powder and put that inside your shoe sole. That’s all you need to do. This powder allows for better cohesion between the two parts of the shoe. This will reduce the sound significantly.

5. Stinky shoes

Many people face this problem. No one wants to walk with their stinky shoes all day. Luckily there is a very easy method to get rid of the odor. Put unused tea bags in the shoe for the same because they are very good at absorbing the nasty smell. The moisture is also responsible for this reason. You can use the moisture-absorbing material like the newspaper.

6. Widen your shoe toes.

You purchased a new shoe but you went to realize that its toes are very tight for you. In order to widen shoe toes just follow this.

  • Pick an airtight bag.
  • Fill it with water.
  • Put the filled bag into the shoe toes.
  • Now, put your shoes inside the freezer for overnight.
  • In the morning take your shoe out and remove the ice.

The principal of working this way is that the water expands on cooling into ice. So this ice widens your shoe toes. Now you can see that your shoe toes have been widened.

7. Shoe hacks: Removing Water stains

Some leather shoes may develop water stains which are hard to remove. Don’t worry just use the duo of toothbrush and vinegar. This removes all those ugly stains from your favourite boots.

8. Shoe hacks: Waterproof shoes

Can you think that simply by using beeswax you can make your canvas shoes waterproof? This method is best for the rainy season. This method not only prevents your shoes from getting wet but also keeps your shoes unstained without affecting the colour of the shoe.

9. Buy shoes in the evening

Have you ever noticed that shoes that you have purchased get tighter than before? Well, this may happen when you purchase your shoe in the morning or afternoon. Your feet have the tendency to swell during the day. During the evenings you are more likely to get the comfortable shoe that you wear at any time of the day.

Buy shoes in the evening

10. Making new shoes comfortable with dryer

You can make your new shoes comfortable by using dryers. The heat loosens the material and makes it more comfortable than before.

11. Keep your shoe moisture-free

During monsoon, you may feel too much humidity in the atmosphere. In order to get your shoes dried whenever you want, you can just put newspapers to keep them moisture-free. Newspapers readily absorb moisture from the environment.

12. Shoe hacks: Keep your sneakers warm

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Especially during winters, the only thing that you can relate with warmth and comfort is wool. You can put wool inside your shoe to keep them warm.

13. Those heels

For women, you can tape your toes in order to wear heels. Taping allows you to wear those heels comfortably. Heels are not meant for comfort. Your second and third toe may strain on the nerves. To avoid this tape your second and third toes.

14. Shoe hacks: Magic cleaning your shoes

The pristine condition of your brand new shoes in something that you cannot keep. For this, you can use toothpaste or magic eraser. This keeps your brand new shoe into a new condition. They will do a great job of scrubbing stuff in such a cheap way.

15. No tie laces

Are you tired of tripping over your laces or needing to redo them often? No tie shoelaces are the solution to this problem. You need not tie your shoelaces again. They became popular lately. This self trims your shoelaces. This will be the end of your job to tie your shoes.

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