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Always, men have a special connection with their watches as it not only shows the time but also gives them a sophisticated look. It’s a key accessory that a modern or old-fashioned man wants to have in their fashion collection. 


Nowadays, digital watches are not just used for a digit-form time but also it has included so many features like an alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch, light, and many more. These watches have been so developed with time that it does not stick only into the time but it has more blooming features. It is built for adventurous persons with a bit of sophistication.


But in the market, there are so many watches that choosing the right product at a low price is really difficult and very time consuming too. But for you, we have shortlisted Best Men’s Digital Watches under 1000 Rupees after proper research. After reading this article you will be able to choose your right product.

Are you looking for a sporty watch with a simple, stylish look that you can take on not only in the outdoors but also on indoors and casual occasions? This TIMEWEAR watch will fulfill your all need with its fashion style and exclusive features.


The black-dial and green band has a very simple, elegant look with beautifully crafted handles and numbers on the dial. The LED display has Backlight. It is a perfect match for any officer because it has durability, provides smartness as an officer needs, and gives protection as it is shockproof.


It’s a great piece of equipment to have; you can use it as a stopwatch. The band is formed by silicon, rubber, good material and the glass is of Acrylic crystal that resists scratch. With all the essential features like multi-time zone, alarm, stopwatch, calendar, it is also very comfortable as it is fastened by a buckle clasp, and light-weighted.

Key Features

    • A perfect combo of style and durability
    • Water-resistant
    • It has multi-features
    • Gives you a comfortable experience

V2A is one of the brands that not only provide a timepiece; but also brings the latest designs, style, and comfort. The brand knows how a timepiece could be related to the persona of the man. This watch is round-shaped with a smart and amazing look, highly recommended by us.

The product has a black dial and a color variety in the bands that suit children to adults. It is built up with PU material and the strap is made up of plastic. It is durable and has a clasp buckle. So, comfortable too as it can adjust the strip as per your wrist.

It has amazing Chronograph features and supports two different time zones. It has clear visibility of time with the white large hands and included quartz movement.

Key Features

    • It doesn’t compromise the style and quality
    • Water-resistant
    • Durable
    • Comfortable and light-weight
    • Gives you the color options

TIMEWEAR presents an amazing dual dial watch, as it has an analogue dial and also a digital dial. It has all the modern features like Alarm, two-time zone, mode changing option, etc. It is available in more than three colors, so you have the option to pick the right one for you.

This middle-sized, round-shaped watch adds a dimension to your personality, it is smart looking, sporty so if you are an adventurous trip-loving person, sports-loving, or want to follow your gym routine regularly this will be worth it for you. 

The straps are made up of silicon material that provides you durability and has antibacterial properties so even if you are sweating you can wear it for the whole day. It is water-resistant and has quartz movement.

The plus point of the watch is, at a glance, you can watch the time and you will not be confused as the watch is designed in such a manner that the numbers of second, minute, and hour will not mess.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant
  • Has features like Alarm, two-time zone
  • LED display
  • Smart, Elegant look
  • You can use its many purposes, even for casual wear.

Everybody wants to be with the time accuracy and the SKMEI Analog-Digital watch follows Japanese quartz movement and gives you authentic time. This full black model gives you a sophisticated- classy look, and if you are an enthusiast of adventure, makes it your best friend.

It has durability, flexibility, and versatility in fashion also that makes it one of the Best Digital watches for men. The EI light illuminates in dim light or in dark so you can watch the time there also, and it has the durability with Plastic built and water-resistance up to 50 m.

The bandwidth, the thickness is in a proportion that it will not look bulky and suits medium to large wrists. It has all features of a two-time zone, dual-mode, calendar, and alarm also.

Fashion with features, compatibility, high quality- material all in one, what else one needs? It could be the perfect choice for you.

Key features

  • Big dial with a clear vision
  • Water-resistant up to 5 ATM
  • The band is of silicone
  • Effective vision in dim light
  • Warranty of 6 months

This brand focuses on both the workmanship and the design quality, if you are one of them who want to go for sustainability with style; this is the brand you can choose. In this sports watch series, there is a great option for ‘black lover’ too; otherwise, it has other color options.

It shows high defense against water, it is water-resistant up to 50 M. If you play football, you can adorn it in a rainy match without any worry. The dial is made with high-quality resin and gold-colored while the strap is of plastic.

 The diameter is 54 m that suits a middle-sized wrist. It has been designed in such a way that you can go with it, on a road trip, hiking, or in any adventurous activity.

It has a one year warranty and you need to claim the warranty from the manufacturer’s website.

Key Features

  • Black lover’s first choice
  • A great defense against water
  • Perfect for middle-sized wrist
  • Has 1-year warranty
  • Built with a resin material

 This could be another black lover’s choice if you are searching for Best Men’s Digital watches under 1000 Rupees. The watch has everything in it, it has an alarm system, EL light, supports a two-time zone, shows time in 12/24 format.


The watch comes at a very cheap price so this could be a budget-friendly choice for you also. The case material is resin and the diameter of it is 55 m, while watch movement is quartz. 


The whole black- colored watch with a red-colored handle is my personal favorite for teenagers. Especially a sporty watch, that gives you so much durability and you can use it in any match or in your practice session and there the alarm system will be beneficial for you.


The watch is very lightweight and you will not feel any burden on your wrist even if you wear it for the whole day. It is water-resistance up to 50 m and has dynamic two modes, Normal mode, and Luminous mode.

Key Features

  • Sporty watch
  • Water-resistant and Durable
  • Comfortable and cozy
  • Teenagers love it
  • 1-year warranty

Sonata is a brand known for its style, stability at an affordable price. All watches of this brand have a class, and people go with this brand for years. This round –shaped digital watch is very simple, sober-looking, even if you are an office person you can easily go for it.


It doesn’t consist of many modern features like dual time zone, alarm etc. But the classic orientation it provides is amazing. The band is grey and the dial is black, instead of having a black dial it will not be an obstacle in your time vision because the white numbers illuminate the reflected light and give you a clear look.


It is very light-weighted, it is just 100 gm. It resists the water for 30 m and has scratch-resistant glasses. We highly recommend this for adults and any kind of office-workers also.

Key Features

  • Simple, sober
  • Suits most kind of personalities
  • Light-weighted
  • Quartz movement
  • Buckle clasp

Here TIMEX gives a variety of vibrant color options in this model for youths. Resin made this digital watch is very durable, stylish, and pocket-friendly. The dial diameter is 40 mm, the big dial will give you a very clear look, and you will not need to give extra effort to watch the time even in the dim light.


The dial is round-shaped and the band is made with plastic material. The alarm sound of the watch is quite high so you could trust the device for your wake up in the early morning. It has an LED light with a backlight.


If you are a person who has to travel almost regularly in heavy rains I would suggest going for it, as it has incredible water-resistance up to 100 m in water. Glass is made up of high-quality Acrylic crystal which is scratch-resistance. We would recommend this round-shaped watch which is a smart option for anyone. 

Key Features

  • Vibrant color option
  • Incredible Water-resistance
  • Smart look
  • A big, clean dial

Are you bored with the classic timepieces and want to add a new dimension to your look and the latest collection in your fashion accessory? Don’t need to be worried because this Sonata Digital Grey Dial will give your personality a jolly and charming look.

The grey-colored, round-shaped timepiece has a versatile, smart look that can enhance your personality. The band is of rubber and the case material is plastic. The material is shiny, scratch-proof which gives you the flexibility to wear it anywhere.

The numbers and dates are beautifully crafted on the display and it is water-resistance up to 3 ATM. You will feel very comfortable with the tang buckle clasp. The dial runs on a quartz movement.

For the warranty details, you can visit the manufacturer’s site. Overall for Indoor and Outdoor, it can add a new value for you.

Key Features

  • Water-resistance
  • Fresh-look
  • Very cozy
  • High-build quality

This is the last product of our list of Best Men’s Digital Watches under 1000 Rupees, but not the least. It also has some amazing features and styles that could win your heart. It is a black -colored watch with a black strap and black dial and some red-colored craftsmanship is there on the dial circle.

The round-shaped case has rubber made bands. The diameter of the dial is 40 millimeters that are very suitable for thin wrists and rubber is a flexible material and buckle closure gives you the freedom to adjust it at your convenience.  

Whether you go for swimming, hiking, road trip, or walking in the rain you don’t need to take extra care of your watch. It will show defense in water up to 3 ATMs but don’t press keys in the water. It has only 100 gm weight, you will not feel burdened with this.

It has a warranty of 12 months.

Key Features

  • Water-resistance
  • It has a warranty of 12 months
  • Light-weight 
  • Rubber band
  • Comes at an affordable price

We hope by the above-mentioned Top 10 Unisex Sunglasses under 1000 rupees, you could be able to choose the right one for you. After choosing, don’t forget to tell us which one you have picked.

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Watches are essential for certain reasons and it is important in the sense of fashion accessory also. Sometimes you might feel without your timepiece at your wrist, your look is not completed. Digital watches are not only a fashion accessory; people use them for various purposes. Among the above-mentioned list, you can choose the best digital watch for you and place the order right now.

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