In this post, I have brought you some of the best gadgets and gifts under rupees 500. You can also gift these gadgets to your friends and loved ones. I have researched for these gadgets from different websites you can also purchase these gadgets from the number one online store in India

So without wasting your time let us start out the list.

1. Engraving Pen

Best gadgets for your friends and gifts under rupees 500

This is the best gift for your artistic friend or you can use it if you love designing. This pen allows you to write and design over many surfaces like wood, metal, plastic, etc. This is also your pocket-friendly to get the product-related information from the link below. Remember to take 2 AA batteries that are required but not provided.

2. Personal Purifier Bottle

personal purifier bottle is a great gadget for you
the best gadget and gift under rupees 500

Yes, it is real that you can get a personal water bottle purifier. Personal purifier bottles are another unusual festive gift that you can give your dear ones. This purifier bottle lets you filter water about 600 times per cartridge that usually lasts for about a year. Great gift for those who are over hygienic.

3. 3D Phone Screen Magnifier

3D phone magnifier is the best gadget to enhance your experience if you are a phone lover and watches movies on it
best gadgets and gifts under rupees 500

Great gift for those who used to watch movies on their smartphone. This gadget lets you enlarge the size of the screen for better visualization experience. The magnifier projector is completely portable, foldable, and also lightweight. So, Simply slide in your smartphone and watch a magnified video. This unique gift item is well within under Rs 500 and is also something you can gift even an elder for their better viewing experience.

4. Cool Laptop Stand

Cool laptop stand is a very good gift for your friend if he uses laptop

Good gift for those who are always busy with their laptops. This is compatible with laptops up to 17”. This gadget also cools your laptop and MacBook. It also improves the keyboard angle for faster typing. Buy it now from

5. Spy Hd Pen Camera

spy hd pen camera with voice recorder the best gadget from buy now under rupees 500

This is the best gadgets for your spy friends. This pen comes with a sophisticated HD Camera with Voice recorder.

The video quality is 720 by 480. This camera records pictures with a rate of 30 frames per second. You can also insert a 32 GD memory card in this gadget and note that the TF card is not included in the item.

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