Best Gas Lighters For Kitchen in India (June 2020)

Best Gas Lighters For Kitchen in India

In this article we will see a list of some Best Gas Lighters For Kitchen that are secure, quality winner and even more durable.

A lighter for gas stove is a must item in the kitchen. Why not?

But these are lot of factors that you must check out before purchasing a gas lighter whether it is offline or online.

In Below list, I had tried to taken all your stress by picking and reviewing the only valuable lighters for your after comparing all of those factors.

So, Lets check out.

1. WELLBERG Dolphin Electric Gas Lighter

WELLBERG Dolphin Electric Gas Lighter

If you agree that your Kitchen stuff must be good looking to jealous your neighbour. The WELLBERG Dolphin Electric Gas Lighter will definitely be a perfect choice and suitable lighter for your kitchen.

This gas lighter comes with LED torchlight for better convenience. You just need a 1. 5-volt cell,  the same you use in your wall watch or the TV remote.

These lighters from WELLBERG are very safe to use. There are two buttons on the lighter. One of them is to turn on your torch and the other one to turn out your gas stove.

The great thing in these gas lighters is that you are getting 2 pairs under less than 200 Rupees. Isn’t it nice?

2. Sunlight Adjustable Flame Gas Lighter

Sunlight Adjustable Flame Gas Lighter

These Gun shaped flame lighter is actual like a gun. You are getting a gas refill free along with this lighter to refill the gas. The gas are more durable.

Moreover, The switch that is used to flame this gas is lockable to keep it safe from reach of kids. You can also control the flame of gas in these lighter accordingly your needs.

Unlike those steel lighters that need a hard push to use, the switch of these sunlight adjustable flame lighters are soft and easy to access.

These are available in five different colors including Red, green, orange, blue and the Pink.

3. Crystal Plastic Abs Lighter

Crystal Plastic Abs Lighter

Crystal Plastic Abs Lighter is one of the best lighter for gas.

The built quality of these lighters is really amazing since it is made up of high-quality materials and components. Unlike those some cheap quality lighters that starts get damages even after a single hand fall down, It makes you worry-free of getting damages easily.

Even the company of this lighters from crystals claims for over 10 lacks sparks.

Let me tell you, these lighters are totally 100% waterproof.

These are available in plastic as well as a steel body finish. Don’t worry the steel one, costs just 5-10 rs extra that I will recommend you to go for better durablity.

4. Ritu Electronic Gas Lighter

Ritu Electronic Gas Lighter

There might be a handful reason forcing me to list the Ritu Electronic Gas Lighter in my best selling list.

These lighters come with a stainless steel body that keeps it clean, shining and hence more long-lasting.

There are some lighters that need a battery to run and hence it become a bit hassle for some peoples. If you are one of them, this one lighter is pretty cool, quick and simple to use.

Furthermore, the length of these lighter is good as well and as it keeps a perfect distance from the gas while using it. That’s how it is a safe lighter and hence keep you secure from accidents.

Something interesting in these Ritu lighters, is the various sizes and design availability to pick your favourite one (Including Jumbo, premium, Micky, lovely etc.).

Buying Guide for Gas Lighters

First of all, let’s know how does it work?

How does a Gas Lighter work?

A Gas lighters work upon the effect of piezo-electric. When you press the hood of the lighter it strikes these piezo Crystals in high speed and then it creates some volts and hence, it produces the sparks that cause burning of the gas.

These few important features you must look before making a purchase of gas lighter:

Safety: The safety must be the most important points to consider first. The lighter that you are going to buy must be extra secure.

Durability: Check out if the lighter you are going to buy has the metallic body or the plastic. If it is plastic then it should be considered. Since it has few chances to get broken or damaged more easily as compared to the metallic or stainless steel build body.

Water Resistance: If your lighter is waster resistant, it will remain safe from the water accidents and similarly more durable.

Warranty: Normally a warranty on cheap products lighter isn’t expected. But thereafter if are getting a warranty, you must think of it.

Size: Size matter a lot. If the lighter is small-sized, it creates fear while using it for lighting the gas and also have probabilities of small accidents.

So these were some best gas lighters for kitchen in India.

Hope you liked the review and the Buying Guide. Just choose the best and leave the rest that we have researched for you.

Great Thanks and Cheers!

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