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Top 7 Best Car Humidifiers in India under 1000 rupees | Review to shop

Humidifiers are great means to keep the humidity levels of the room normal. Using air conditioning can throw all the moisture inside the room or your cas specially in summers. These dryness levels may lead to irritation to various parts of the body. Even your pets can experience such irritations.

Car humidifiers bring back the humidity to its normal levels. They are particularly effective for treating dryness in the skin, nose and throat. There are many humidifiers available in the market, but it might be hard to choose the best one for your needs. I have compared some of the best humidifiers available in the market and compared them on various grounds of user experience.

So be with them till the end of the article. In the end, I have shared some of the tips to use humidifiers. I have also answered some of the Frequently asked questions from the internet. 

SmallDevil Humidifier is the most selling humidifier in India. It is one of the most rated humidifiers on amazon with 3200+ ratings at the time of this review. This humidifier is a little bigger than others I reviewed in this post. It can hold upto 500ml of water which is a good thing. Bigger tank area enables this humidifier to last more than 18 hours during intermittent spray mode. Intermittent spray mode is the mode in which the humidifier sprays for 3 seconds and 2 seconds of gap. Intermittent spray is best for such occasions when dryness is less and in small rooms.

You can use this in the car in the cup holder. It does not require batteries, it works through USB connection. Its night light feature is the best, the LED lighting creates an ambient atmosphere in the room. This humidifier is really quite all thanks to its ultrasonic vibration technique. Its silent operation at night allows you to sleep easily in quiet and ambient environment.

NOTE: Humidifiers require to use clean water and mineral water only as distilled water can cause some collection of mist in the outlet.

Its top and button LED display add a cool effect which gives it some extra points. It has been rated 3.9 stars out of 5 stars on amazon and it has been priced at 999 during this review.



This humidifier is my second choice for using it as a car humidifier. The unique feature of this humidifier is its anion absorption feature which helps in tackling negatively charged pollutants in the air. When you are travelling in the car, some pollutants might get inside through the air and this humidifier can work by restoring noxious pollutants from the environment. It works like a small air purifier.

It has timing functions too, so that you do not forget to turn it off after sometime. The timer turns off the humidifier after 4 hours of usage. This prevents over humidifying and assures safety & reliability.

It has compact and colorful LEDs to add a beautiful look to its body. You can easily place this inside your car and its soothing LED lights will give an elegant feeling with the mist. These LED lights are good at night and can serve the purpose of decoration in the room on the table.

This humidifier is Eco-friendly and the body material is safe, odor free and non toxic. Talking about the pricing of this humidifier, it is placed at 699 rupees on amazon which is highly affordable and It has 4.0 ratings out of 5 stars.

It can serve as the purpose of a car humidifier as well as room humidifier because of its compact design.

TIP: Long press the power button to turn on the LED lights feature.



OBOL magic diamond Humidifier is the second Humidifier in the list. It is similar to the first humidifier in the list. This one also works as a small air purifier due to its anion collector. I feel that both of these Humidifiers are made by the same manufacturer and just rebranded into two different brands.

So this has the same features of Air purifying, material quality, touch button and LED lighting. The humidifier has a non-slip mat at the bottom of the purifier so that it stands more steadily. The USB power interface is convenient and quick and allows you to easily connect in your car, office table and home. You can also use this for oil diffusion.

Anyway this one has got better ratings on Amazon with 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. This humidifier is available at 711 rupees on amazon at the time of this review.



This humidifier comes in the design of Moon Lamp. You can use this as moon lamp decor and Humidifier too. It is compact and lightweight in design, so you can use this into your car too.

It is made up of polypropylene, Silicone and PVC. It does two different functions by cleaning ionized pollutants in the atmosphere. You can change the colors of the lamp between three different colors like white, yellow and orange by tapping on the metal head.

This humidifier works with the help of USB cable which enables you to easily connect it through your car and your office table. You can use this as a Humidifier, Aromatherapy, diffuser and even ioniser. It also comes with two different modes. The first offers continuous spray for 4 hours while the other offers intermittent spray mode that can work for 10 hours. I don’t know why but, on the website this information is opposite of it.

It has been rated 3.8 stars out of 5 stars on amazon and at the time of this review, this item was available at 599 rupees. The power cord is really small which keeps it near to any power source.



This humidifier has the best look among all car humidifiers listed above. It has a modern shape of a cuboid with white body and black top face. It can hold upto 300 ml of liquid in it. Its usage rate is 30ml per hour, so with simple math it can last upto 10 hours. This has 2 different usage modes like all the other humidifiers in this list.

Its cup friendly design makes it easy to hold in almost every car cup. As a portable diffuser you can use this for your home, office along with your car. It also has different  LED lights and you can switch to different lights by long pressing the button.

It has got an average of 4 stars rating on amazon and at the time of review, this humidifier has been priced at 729 rupee. This humidifier’s futuristic look makes it stand out from the crowd.



Delightbee Humidifiers come in different abstract light colors. This humidifier is light in weight with just 300g of total weight. It comes in a compact cylindrical design which is car cup friendly. You can place this in your room or your office table in order to create an ambient and skin friendly atmosphere nearby.

This is all people friendly and it will not trigger any allergy in anyone. It’s ultrasonic and noiseless design makes sure that you receive calm and comforting peace while sleeping. The ionised water particles lowers down the harmful charged particles in your environment. One time filling enables you to use it for 10-12 hours. You can also change the LED colors by long pressing the power button.

It has been rated 4.1 stars out of 5 stars on amazon and at the time of this review, this humidifier is available at 799 rupees. Humidifiers are a great investment since you are investing in your health and well being.



This Fidrox humidifier is our 7th and last suggestion for a Humidifier in this list. This modern gadget comes in a cool look and design. Its ambient LED colors are a bonus for this humidifier. It is highly compact and comes with the storage of just 220ml with two spray modes. This is a budget humidifier which does almost all the work with almost the same efficiency. In order to change the color of the LED light, you just need to long press the power button. It also has ultrasonic and ultrasound proof operation which makes this humidifier perfect for your bedroom. It allows you to use it uninterruptedly for 7 hours.

The body of this humidifier is made up of Non-Toxic BPA-free plastic. It can also work as an aroma diffuser, you just need to make sure that the aroma oil is water soluble. It has been rated 4.2 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon, and it has been priced at 729 rupees at the time of this review.



A car humidifier keeps the inside environment of your car cool and fresh. During summer, the outside hot temperature and air conditioning sucks out too much moisture and humidity. The dryness that is left inside the car causes skin irritation and nose & throat irritation. In order to recover the lost moisture, humidifiers come into play. They restore the moisture levels to normal and relieve the dryness and irritation.

A diffuser adds fragrance in the air while a humidifier adds moisture in the air. These are different  functions both perform. But there are many humidifiers in the market and most of them I have listed above function as both humidifiers and diffuser.

Humidifiers are a great way to restore humidity in the atmosphere. It is relatively safe to run all day long but you should make sure to not leave anything running when you are not in the house.

Yes, Humidifiers are safe for babies and pets, but you should check the quality of the material used on the body of those humidifiers before purchasing. Do not focus on just saving some bucks risking purchasing low quality materials.

Humidifiers just restore the lost humidity in the air due to air conditioning. Sleeping with humidifiers is a good idea if your room’s humidity level is really low.

So these were some of the Best humidifiers for your car and your Home. All these are multipurpose humidifiers, they not only restore the humidity levels but also acts as a purifiers to reduce the levels of ionized pollutants. Some also serve the purpose of decorating items. All these humidifiers has been ranked on the basis of user experience in which the best has been ranked on the top.

Thank you for reading 🙂 Here are some other articles from our website that you might want to read.

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