Best Acoustic Guitars under 2000 rupees in India

Best Acoustic Guitars under 2000 rupees in India

Guitar is a musical instrument with 6 strings and creates melody when its strings are strummed. A guitar helps reduce the stress while creating an impressive melody to lift up your mood. Learning a guitar is a good skill to develop and for beginners buying a guitar does not always fits into the budget of a common man. Good and professional level guitars start from around 25000 rupees, but for beginners there are some good guitars under 2000 rupees. There are currently two brands which manufacture guitars under this pricing. I have listed and reviewed some of these guitars in this list. You can choose any of them depending upon your requirements and pros and cons.

So without wasting your time, let us begin this list. Please note that the prices mentioned with each of these products are latest to the date of editing, pricing keeps on changing on amazon. I would recommend you to click on the buttons to check the latest price on amazon.

Juârez Acoustic guitar 038C is the most selling guitar under 2000 rupees on amazon. It has a beautiful black glossy finish body with 18 frets. For beginners it is a good choice to practice your hand on a guitar. The finger board is made up of linden wood while the fretboard is made up of ebony wood. The quality of the guitar seems pretty decent.

Not only the quality of the body, but the sound produced deserves an extra mark at this price. This guitar is made in China. You will also get a guitar strap, a guitar bag, strings and two picks which keeps it handy to travel.

The tuning pegs seem good quality and easy to turn to change the tones of the strings. These are smooth to adjust and easy to adjust to keep the guitar tuning. Even though it is a good guitar for beginners, there are some cons associated with this one. As a beginner, you might not realize but when you will reach a certain experience, you will feel that the dot markings are a bit incorrect. Also the distance between the frets is more since there are only 18 of them on this size.

But as I said, It is a good guitar in this price range and there are lots of cons associated with each guitar listed under such pricing. This guitar has been rated 4.0 out of 5 stars on amazon with more than 14000 ratings. At the time of this review, this guitar is available for 1799 rupees.



Intern is also a manufacturer of guitars under 2000 rupees. Intern INT-38C is our second choice as a beginner guitar under this budget. This guitar is similar in the appearance to the Juarez guitar reviewed earlier. It also has 18 frets in total like the Jurez guitar reviewed earlier. This guitar is made up of ebony wood while the bridge is made up of plastic. This ebony wood is used in the fretboard which produces crisp and clear tunes. You can not tell whether it is a budget guitar or an expensive one by looking at the finishing.

The strings of this Intern Guitar are more friendly to your fingers than that Juarez guitar. But there are a lot of cons with this guitar too.

The paint which makes this guitar look amazing starts coming out within 2-3 months. The bridge does not have any pegs which makes it harder to customize. It is an above average guitar in this price range and plays decent tunes.

If you are considering this to gift someone, it is a great idea and they are going to love it (If they are guitar beginners).

This guitar was available on Amazon at the time of this review in 1990 with 4.0 stars rating out of 5.0 stars. It is one of the most selling guitars on amazon. There is another downside of this guitar. This is made in China and you will not find any guitar within 2000 rupees which is not made in China.



Our third choice in this list is Juarez JRZ38C (Companies should come with cooler model names). This juarez guitar is available in two different color options namely cameo and red black. The body material of the guitar is linden wood which makes this guitar ideal for different types of tones like folk, rock, country and every other genre in between. There are 18 frets in this guitar like every other model in this list. The fretboard is made up of ebony wood. This guitar comes with a guitar bag, a strap and two picks. The guitar bag is non-padded which does not make it travel friendly, but it does its work indoors. It produces quite decent tunes which are good in this price range. I found the strings of all these guitars not very finger friendly. I think this is just because of the number of frets each one of them have. Since there are comparatively fewer frets, the gapping is larger, which makes these guitars unfriendly to your fingers.

This Juarez guitar has been rated 4.0 stars out of 5 stars on amazon and it is available at 2100 rupees at the time of this review.



Here is Intern INR-38C-NT-G right handed acoustic guitar in this list. This guitar has a body color. Even though it comes in four different color options, all the others are out of stock. In terms of look, this guitar is similar if not same as the juarez guitar I reviewed just earlier. I think both of these brands have the same manufacturer. This guitar kit comes with a guitar (of course), a guitar bag, extra strings and 3 picks.

It also has 18 frets like all the other models in this list. The guitar comes with a glossy finish on its body and in terms of look, I would love to offer an extra point for the same. The tunes created by this guitar are decent. When you receive it, you need to tune this guitar to change the tones to awesome. Beginners can purchase these guitars to practice their hand on guitars. For professionals, I would never recommend them to purchase any guitar at this pricing. Your hands will never be able to play some good tunes from these guitars.

At the time of this review, this guitar has been priced at 2,100 rupees on amazon with 4.0 stars rating out of 5 stars on an average. If you are a beginner and do not want to spend so much on guitars, then go for it or any other in this list.



This is the last recommendation for guitars in this pricing. This Intern acoustic guitar comes in a sunset orange color with brown combination. The guitar body is made up of linden wood, while the fret board is made up of ebony wood. This guitar kit comes with a guitar bag and picks. The strings are made up of stainless steel. Even though the quality is not that amazing, the guitar sounds peaceful and quite good at this price point.

The guitar bag is non padded and made up of nylon which is good at this price point. These non-padded bags are not great for traveling but they do their work indoors. Alongside the orange and brown color combinations, this guitar is available in 3 other color combinations namely blue, black, light cameo and wood texture. All these combinations are great in terms of look. But the wood on the guitar body is very thin and you can have this broken in a single hit. It does come with 18 frets and the fretboard is made up of ebony wood.

Don’t you think all these guitars are the same, I do think that all of these guitars are manufactured by the same manufacturer in China. They are just white labeled with different brands. 

Well it does make them cheaper and pocket friendly, but not recommended for professional players. This guitar has got an average rating of 3.8 stars out of 5.0 stars on Amazon and it is available for 1900-2000 rupees for different variations.




Yes, In this era of the internet there is hardly any skill that you can not learn for free. You can watch video tutorials from free video streaming platforms like Youtube or Courses platform like skill share.

There is a simple reason why learning guitars is a hard skill. You may even take months if not years to master this skill. There are a total of 22 to 24 frets in a standard guitar and 6 strings. Which makes roughly 132-144 different tones and synchronizing them into a rhythmic pattern can be a really hard job. When you are just beginning, you will find these as random tones and thus making the process harder further.

Beginner Guitars in India start from 2,000 rupees. While I would recommend you to increase the budget to 4,500 for beginner guitars to make yourself comfortable with different sections of guitars. These 2,000 rupees guitars are just pieces of wood that sound good.


So these are five best Acoustic Guitars under 2000 rupees for beginners. All these guitars are similar in look and functions. All of them have 18 frets in total with an ebony fretboard. As I have mentioned in the post that these guitars are for beginners. Pro guitar players would face problem in playing these guitars and it might disturb the vibe too. I recommend these guitars to beginners for just 2-3 months to just learn about various componets of a guitar.

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